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Facts don’t have the power to change someone’s story. Your goal is to introduce a new story that will let your facts in.
Annette Simmons

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I am passionate about a cause but am new to fundraising. I want to learn how to start a nonprofit fundraising program right.

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I have fundraising experience and want to improve our digital marketing to raise more funds, engage with more people, and grow our file.

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I am an experienced fundraiser and have digital marketing experience. I want to learn advanced techniques to grow in this area.

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  • The Story of the One

    Nonprofit fundraising, at its core, is storytelling. Telling a story of how your organization has helped one beneficiary be transformed is the building block of telling the story of your organization. In nonprofit development,

  • Secrets to Being a Successful Storyteller

    Liko loved school. He had dreams of graduating, getting a good job, helping to lift his family out of generations of poverty. But one day, tragedy struck. The village borehole water pump broke. Clean water was

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