Hiring the right creative director for your nonprofit is crucial for the success of your marketing team. The right creative director understands how fundraising and your nonprofit brand work togetherness her to produce the results you need. Finding the right creative director can be a challenge, you’re looking for someone with the right mix of leadership and design skills, as well as someone who can help develop and manage your nonprofit brand. I’ve developed this list of nonprofit creative director job interview questions to help inspire you to develop the right interview questions for the role. I’ve categorized the interview questions to make it easy to find the right ones.


  1. Tell me about your current role and how your experiences will translate into the creative director role at our nonprofit organization.
  2. What is the most significant creative challenge in your career to date?
  3. Who inspires you?
  4. What types of projects do you like to work on?


  1. How do you handle an internal client who, when asked for feedback about a designed piece, keeps responding, “I just don’t like it”?
  2. You design what you feel is the right thing for a campaign, but your executive leader doesn’t like it. You believe it’s the right direction to go. How do you persuade your leader this is the right design direction?
  3. What are three design trends you like?
  4. How do you provide constructive feedback to a designer?
  5. How should design be measured?


  1. How does a nonprofit organization’s brand and fundraising work together?
  2. Tell me about a brand you admire and why you admire it.
  3. Someone from another team comes to you and says, “we need to develop a new logo for this fundraising campaign.” How do you respond?
  4. What are some challenges you find in brand development? How do you overcome them?
  5. What do you think of our brand?


  1. Describe your leadership style. How do you like to lead a team?
  2. How would your staff describe you?
  3. Describe a situation where you’ve had to work with a difficult personality. How do you coach that person to performance? Or, if it’s a coworker, how did you manage the relationship to be productive?
  4. Tell me about your previous team. What were some of the best things your team accomplished? What were some of the challenges?
  5. How would your previous staff describe you?
  6. Tell us about a time where the scope of a project was too much to deliver by the deadline. What did you cut? How did you decide what to cut to make the deadline?
  7. Tell me about a situation where you had a staff member working on a project, and work product just kept not turning out the way you desired. Revision after revision, it just wasn’t right. How did you handle the situation?
  8. Summarize the steps you take to onboard a new designer.


  1. You’re asked to review a fundraising appeal. What do you look for?
  2. How does testing, data, and analytics inform your designs?
  3. Is it appropriate for design to overrule what data is telling you? If you test and the results show you one way works, would you ever go with the other design?

As you develop your list of interview questions for creative director, use these questions as a foundation for finding the right person for the role at your nonprofit organization.