Clarity is the enemy of confusion. Bringing a clear message in your appeal will help the reader understand exactly what you’re asking for and why they should give. You may have heard the phrase, “if you confuse, you lose.” If the reader gets confused or mixed up in your messaging, the default option is to throw away your appeal or delete your email. If your message isn’t clear, the reader will choose to opt out of reading the rest and donating.

Read this slightly altered paragraph from a nonprofit organization’s landing page:

If you’re looking for the best place to invest in Guatemala’s future, Latin America Nonprofit Organization is the best fit. From our core interventions to our capacity building projects, we empower project participants to gain knowledge and become self-reliant. We partner with government agricultural extension officers to offer the most efficient and effective knowledge transfer programs.

This paragraph doesn’t only lack clarity, but it doesn’t even explain what the organization does in any meaningful way. Here’s the structure:

We’re the best place to invest your donation -> we focus on core poverty issues -> we help farmers become self-reliant -> by partnering with the government

Few potential donors will understand this paragraph and even fewer will be motivated to give. If the organization wanted to explain how they work in simpler language, it might be something like this:

Your donation goes further with Latin America Nonprofit Organization. You will help Guatemalan farmers learn how to become self-sufficient: growing enough food to feed their families and even have some left over to sell at the market to earn income. You will provide the knowledge farmers need to be successful!

When you clarify your messaging, donors understand the impact they make on the lives of the beneficiaries.