Don’t let comparison kill your creativity.

I have a hobby. I enjoy reading other organizations’ fundraising appeals. Read enough of them and you start seeing trends form. You start getting your own ideas on how you could be fundraising.

You also start comparing what you’re doing to what other organizations are doing.

Several years ago, I was admiring a nonprofit that does similar work to us, but is MUCH larger than we are. I started to believe that what they were doing was so much better than what we were doing. I began to question our strategy.

One of my coworkers served in an interagency working group with other nonprofits including the one I admire. One of their representatives shared with my coworker how impressed their digital staff is with our email fundraising.

It was an honoring comment. But also an eye opener. Through my desire to emulate this other organization, I would have sacrificed my creativity.

Don’t sacrifice your creativity by comparing your organization or your work with a different organization.