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Fundraising in a Crisis

How do you fundraise in a crisis? A pertinent topic for what's going on in today's world, Tim Smith and Dale Berkey explore how to retain funding for your nonprofit through an economic or global crisis.

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Major Donor Communications in a Time of Crisis

Jeremy Reis is joined by Mike Meyers and Tim Smith to help you learn how to communicate with major and midlevel donors, how to deepen relationships even without in-person visits, and how you ask for money during a time of crisis.

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Donation Turn Down

Do You Ever Turn Down a Donation?

There are times we will need to walk away from a donation. Explore the key reasons a gift might not be in your organization’s - or the donor’s - best interests.

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Executive Director

Executive Directors Managing Major Donors

Working with major donors is a key part of an executive director’s role at most organizations. But how much time should a leader plan to spend on fundraising? Learn the recommended time balance for your organization.

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Major Donor Rep

What to Look for When Hiring a Major Donor Representative

A major donor rep who isn’t the right fit for your organization and its mission is a painful and costly mistake - one that many of us have made. Explore the most important factors in making the right hire.

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Art of asking

The Art of Asking

How do you know when to make a funding request of a prospective major donor? How do you ask? Explore the four-stage process that can guide your relationship building, your assessment of a donor’s readiness, and how to make “the ask.”

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What to Talk About

What to Talk to Donors About

How do we make the most of our time with prospects and donors? Learn key strategies and questions to help uncover their driving passions and where they can best engage your mission

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Donor Objections

Overcoming Donor Objections

In this Quick Win course from Tim Smith, learn how to address major donor objections to get the donation.

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Do not mail

How Do We Handle “Do Not Mail” Requests from Major Donor Reps?

There are times when a major donor representative is afraid of over-communicating with people on a caseload and compensate by removing the donor from all communications. This is a mistake. Learn what you should do instead.

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How Do I Talk About Planned Giving with Donors?

Planned giving is a difficult topic to discuss with donors. But there are ways to make it an honoring conversation. In this Quick Win, Tim Smith explains how to broach this topic, what to say, and how to motivate a donor to take the next step in planned giving.

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Cut the Jargon

Jargon is any word that is used in place of a simpler concept, something we use only at our nonprofits or within the nonprofit industry. In this Quick Win, Jeremy Reis will teach you how to cut the jargon from your donor communications.

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Executive Director’s Role in Fundraising

The nonprofit organization's executive leader has a crucial role to play in major donor fundraising. In this Quick Win video from Tim Smith, you'll learn how to involve your chief executive in your fundraising and make an effective use of his or her time.

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How to Use a Free Tool to Grade Readability of Your Fundraising Appeal

Your fundraising appeals need to be readable to convert. Testing has shown that the copy should be readable at about a grade level 7. But how do you write at a grade level 7? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use a free tool, HemingwayApp.

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Tell a Story of One Person to Improve Your Fundraising

Learn how to tell a story of one person in your fundraising appeal in this Quick Win from Jeremy Reis. This is a powerful concept in fundraising and is the secret to fundraising success for so many organizations.

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How Should Board Members Support Major Donor Fundraising?

Learn how to engage your nonprofit organization's board of directors in major donor fundraising in this Quick Win video from Tim Smith.

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