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Facts don’t have the power to change someone’s story. Your goal is to introduce a new story that will let your facts in.
Annette Simmons

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I am passionate about a cause but am new to fundraising. I want to learn how to start a nonprofit fundraising program right.

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I have fundraising experience and want to improve our digital marketing to raise more funds, engage with more people, and grow our file.

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I am an experienced fundraiser and have digital marketing experience. I want to learn advanced techniques to grow in this area.

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  • How to Tell an Impactful Fundraising Story

    Story is embedded into who we are. The best stories feature focus on a single character. This character could be a beneficiary, a donor, or any stakeholder. The best fundraising stories communicate how the reader

  • Are You Bothering Your Donors?

    Why are we afraid we're "bothering" donors? We ask questions like "how soon is too soon to ask for a second gift?" or "best practices say I should wait nine months for a second gift,

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3 Fundraising Goals for 2020

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You may be like me and take a little time at the end of the year to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the next year. As I reflect on 2019 and prepare for 2020, I'm reviewing my goals and see a need to take things back to the basics. You likely have many goals you must accomplish this year to consider it a success, but I suggest you focus on these three important fundraising goals.