Different donors give for different reasons. Successful fundraising is driven by your nonprofit organization appealing to the recipient’s reasons for giving. Consider all the ways you can leverage storytelling, imagery, and emotion in your emails. The motivation for donating is as diverse as your recipients, but research suggests most people fall into one of several categories. A primary goal as a fundraiser is to create ways to appeal to motivations people have for giving. In this series of blog posts, we discuss donor motivations and how your nonprofit can best reach these types of donors. Today, we’re discussing premium donors.

Donor Motivation: Premiums

Some donors enjoy the premiums you offer. When you offer a book, DVD series, product, such as a purse or jewelry made in a beneficiary community, a special trip, tickets to an event, a keepsake, a membership card, a coffee mug, a bumper sticker, a bookmark, some donors will give just to receive it.

There are two main types of premiums: front-end premiums such as stickers, return address labels, temporary tattoos, bookmarks, given to the donor in a direct mail package and then a donation request is made. Many donors give out of reciprocity with a front-end premium. It’s more difficult to offer a front-end premium via email, but you might try an ebook or digital download of a song or a video.

Back-end appeals are offered as a gift in appreciation after a donation is made. There are specific IRS regulations regarding premiums that you must review when considering a premium program.