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I have fundraising experience and want to improve our nonprofit marketing to raise more funds, engage with more people, and grow our file.

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Premium Fundraising Courses

Non-Routine Leadership

43 mins

Leaders are facing an increased need to handle non-routine situations and work. As the complexity of today's nonprofit environment continues to increase, you'll need to learn how to deal with new circumstances. Jeremy Reis discusses non-routine leadership with Alloy CEO Jeff Dickson.

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Major Donor Engagement

3 hours, 34 mins

Donors Are People Too author and noted fundraising expert Tim Smith teaches you how to cultivate major donor relationships. Learn the secrets to building authentic donor relationships.

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Fundraising, marketing and leadership courses taught by nonprofit experts excited to share their experience and expertise with you.

Jeremy Reis
Jeremy Reis
Jeremy is the Sr. Director of Marketing for World Concern, leading their fundraising and marketing. He is the author of Magnetic Nonprofit and Raise More Money with Email. Jeremy is the host of the Nonprofit Answers podcast and is enthusiastic about teaching people how to raise more money to help more people.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith
Tim Smith has over 30 years of experience leading nonprofits and has served as a Chief Development Officer in several large nonprofit organizations. He is the founder of Nonprofit DNA, a fundraising consultancy. Tim is the author of Donors Are People Too and What Have I Gotten Myself Into?: Building a Successful Fundraising Organization.
Mike Meyers
Mike Meyers
Mike believes that leadership and fundraising capacity are vital competencies where nonprofits need to invest. Mike is the CDO of CRISTA Ministries and has served in the roles of CDO for two large nonprofits and CEO of Food for the Hungry. Mike has over 20 years of nonprofit experience in fundraising and leadership and is the co-author of Maximize the Middle.
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Relevant Topics from Experienced Fundraising Professionals and Nonprofit Leaders

Learn relevant and timely information from experienced nonprofit leaders. courses are designed to teach you how to be a top fundraiser through the highest quality teaching. Learn how to start a major donor program from someone who literally wrote the book on major donor relationships. Learn monthly giving from leaders who have developed multiple monthly giving programs generating millions of dollars of income per month. Learn direct marketing from professionals with over 30 years of experience with dozens of nonprofits. Relevant and timely training from people who have been on the frontlines.

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You’ll receive the best recorded training and an opportunity to be coached by the best in the business. For Standard Members, there is a monthly group coaching call open to everyone. You’ll also have access to archives of the calls in case you miss one. Growth Members can attend the monthly group coaching call and also participate in a small group call to have one-on-one help from someone who has been in your shoes. You’ll receive the attention you need and get your questions answered. The opportunity to grow and become a fundraising expert has never been available like this before.

New Courses Each Month

New courses are added every month so you have access to an ever growing library of training. Additionally, get access to premium templates and examples of fundraising appeals, planning tools, and other tools you can use to raise more money to help more people. You’ll also receive access to webinars – discussions with industry leaders about current topics in nonprofit development. All of this is included in your monthly membership to Learn about membership »


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